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  • About Just Survive

    Just Survive is a post-apocalyptic survival game that immerses you in a world where humanity is fighting to take back control from the zombie hordes.

    Scavenge for supplies, craft items, and build Strongholds to protect against dangers, both living and undead, that lurk around every corner.

  • Threats


    Though the great outbreak has passed, the undead still linger in great numbers. Stay alert and quiet to avoid attracting them, and be prepared to either run or fight for your life at a moment’s notice.


    Numerous survivors are looking to resettle Badwater Canyon – but not everyone is interested in working together. Approach each encounter with caution, because if there’s anything more dangerous than a ravenous zombie it’s another human being.


    Wildlife that was fast or strong enough to survive the undead have grown in number during the aftermath of human civilization. While they serve as an excellent source of protein and crafting materials, animals like bears and wolves are hardly easy prey.

  • Survival


    The landscape is littered with the belongings of those who failed to escape the swelling tide of undead. Everything has value in this new world, whether for scrap or a few Gold Eagle Coins, so it’s wise to pick up whatever you can find.


    The days of shopping at the mall are long gone. You’ll need to craft survival items, using whatever you can find in the world. Anything from bandages to blackberry pie can be assembled with the proper ingredients, so get to crafting!


    Supply Officers at Military Bases are eager to dole out Gold Eagle Coins in exchange for what you scavenge in Badwater Canyon. Those coins are key to unlocking a number of valuable commodities such as Stronghold Deeds.

  • Shelter


    Each survivor is equipped with a Stash, allowing them to hide some of their most precious items in a secure location. These containers can be found and looted by others eager to profit from your efforts, so hide them well.


    When you’re ready to put a roof over your head, assemble a few Barricades to fortify existing structures like cabins and trailers. They’ll serve as a cozy spot for Crafting Tables and Storage Containers while potentially deterring other survivors.


    Those committed to the resettlement of Badwater Canyon will ultimately need to purchase a Stronghold Deed from the military. Build robust structures upon the numerous plots available in the area and fortify them with an array of defenses and traps to fend off coordinated attacks.

  • Take Back Control

    Stake Your Claim

    The first step in re-establishing society is to solidify a foothold in the struggle against the undead, and you can help by building a Stronghold Plot in Badwater Canyon. Each location has unique advantages, so it’s wise to scout before making a purchase.


    Those that want to travel safely, access contested locations, and successfully defend their Strongholds will want to enlist help from other players. Doing this on the road may be hazardous to your health, so it’s advised to strike up these kinds of conversations in the safety of a Military Base.


    Badwater Canyon is a desperate place, and your neighbors may hold the key to your survival. Why not just take the things you need? Execute surgical strikes as a solo player or work together with a group to demolish Strongholds.

  • Tools of the Trade


    Gathering raw materials is a key part of crafting. Axes, pickaxes, and crowbars allow you to harvest the various trees, rocks, and vehicles scattered around the world. It’s wise to collect what you can when you’re not actively fending off threats.


    Defending yourself against zombies and other survivors is a critical part of daily life in Badwater Canyon. Everything from machetes to sniper rifles are at your disposal, but choose wisely as each serves a unique purpose.


    While amassing the loot required for survival is vital, protecting it from others is another matter. Everything from basic snares to complex landmines can be crafted and used to protect your shelter and belongings. Nothing says “hands off” like the infliction of pain!

  • Customize


    Though many clothing options can be found in Badwater Canyon, those looking to either standout or be less conspicuous should consider what Crates are available in the Marketplace. Crates contain skins for your equipment and weapons that will make you more memorable to both friend and foe.


    Building a defensible Stronghold is critical, but once you have a safe place to call home you’ll certainly want to add a little flare. Why not throw on a fresh coat of paint and mount a rifle rack on the wall? Craft items that will make your Stronghold unique, or look to Crates in the Marketplace for distinctive looks.