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Badwater Canyon Is Now Live


Hello survivors,

We’re very excited to announce that our evolved vision for Just Survive is now available on the Live servers. Since the first iteration of this game update hit Test in June, we’ve further refined the content to address your feedback and add layers of polish to the core gameplay. 

We want Just Survive to be a complete, immersive survival experience, and this update is a huge step forward in realizing that goal. As part of the most comprehensive update in the game’s history, we have made changes to many core aspects of the game, introducing a new map, adding the Stronghold base building system, revamping weapons, and adding in-game currency:

  • Badwater Canyon
    • A completely new world map designed with multiple styles of gameplay in mind and featuring targeted loot distribution, strategic verticality, exploration opportunities, and hundreds of easily identifiable base pads for Stronghold construction. Badwater Canyon will be rolled out steadily over time, as it is created region by region, in order to give appropriate focus to each aspect of its overall design. It has replaced the game’s original map, so we wish a fond farewell to “Z1”.
  • Stronghold
    • A new system where players can build robust structures and fortify them with an array of defenses and traps to fend off coordinated attacks. Challenging players with opportunities to attack and defend, Strongholds encourage creative problem solving. In addition, these bases can be customized by players, to make their in-game homes visually unique.
  • Weapon Revamp: 
    • All weapons have been rebuilt from scratch, introducing tiers to each weapon type while fine-tuning them to look and feel unique. In addition, we’re improved melee combat with a new hit registration system and attack animation overhaul.
  • Loot: 
    • We’ve completely re-itemized the game, adding dozens of new items and giving each of the existing ones clear representation in the world. The days of picking up a striped shirt only to discover it’s actually an orange tank top are over. We’ve also completely overhauled containers and loot placement has also been overhauled so valuable items are spread out in more meaningful ways. We’re also introducing a Rarity system that clearly differentiates the valuable items from the standard fare.
  • Golden Eagle Coins: 
    • Items found in the world can be exchanged for a new in-game currency tied to individual characters. These aim to create true value for each item in the world, tackling the problem of item hoarding. Golden Eagle Coins are required to purchase new Stronghold locations, and this currency’s usage will continue to be expanded in the future.

Other changes in this update include refined harvesting mechanics, modifications to spawning and death along with numerous bugfixes and anti-cheat efforts. A full list of patch notes can be found here

Alongside this content, a new narrative has been established, separating Just Survive from the H1Z1® universe. The name Just Survive reflects our drive towards a more mature and polished experience. This update represents our evolved vision for the game and lays the foundation for future updates in the months to come. Still have questions about today’s big update? This should help fill in the gaps. 

Q: If I already own H1Z1 Just Survive will I have to buy it again?

A: You will not need to purchase Just Survive again. The game will remain in your Steam Library but under its new name, Just Survive.   


Q: How much will it cost?

A: Just Survive will remain in Early Access and cost $19.99 USD


Q: Will Just Survive still be an Early Access game?

A: Yes, the game will continue to grow and evolve as a Steam Early Access title. Community feedback is still as valuable as ever as we make this transition towards this new vision.


Q: Will I still need Daybreak Cash?

A: Yes. Just Survive will still require Daybreak Cash for optional in-game transactions.


Q: Where should I look for updates and news?

A: You can find information on You can also keep up to date with the active development of the game on our Reddit page and Twitter channel.


Q: What is the Survivor Crate?

A:  A new Crate system has just made its way to Just Survive. With this new system, you will notice our entire Crate offering is now consolidated into two distinct options.

You’ll be able to purchase the most recently released Crate as before (currently the Hideout Crate), but all other available items can now be found in the Survivor Collection. What this means is that the vast majority of items from every previous Crate are in just one place! 


Q: How much does it cost to open a crate?

A: We’ve dropped the price on our most recently released Crate to 200 DGC, and the Survivor Collection will be available for 100 DGC. The most recently released Crate will provide one item for each Crate, but the Survivor Collection will grant two! Do you have locked Crates in your inventory? Now is the time to crack them open, because we’ve lowered the unlock cost to just 50 DBC!


Q: How has the map changed?

A: Given the new features and direction of Just Survive we decided we needed a brand new map to support it. What is releasing today is just a portion of the final map and we’ll continue to expand the boundaries and add new content as we go along through Early Access. See the latest additions right here.


Q: What is this new Stronghold system all about?

A: Strongholds are a new way we are improving the direction of Just Survive. Gone are the days of random shack houses littering the wastelands. With Strongholds you’ll be able to design more interesting and defensible bases that present numerous obstacles for your enemies during timed Raid cycles. There are a set number of Stronghold build locations on the map that you can acquire before starting to build your base.


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