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Server Maintenance December 2nd

All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 2:00 PM PT (10:00 PM UTC) for a game update.  Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours.  

This game update will include a wipe of all servers and characters! 

General Improvements

  • Loot Spawn Adjustments
    • Fixed bugs causing loot items to not spawn at intended rates
    • Updated non-weapon item balance
    • Increased ammo slightly 
    • Weapons and items are now more evenly distributed across map locations.
  • Reduced server latency - this was the root cause of many UI/interaction lag issues
  • AoE (area of effect) checks for AoE weapons - this fixes several bugs including a few listed below

Exploits Fixed

  • General vehicle exploits have been fixed (namely those related to glitching into bases)
  • General base exploits have been fixed (lag switching into bases, jumping through deck foundations, etc)
  • Placing IEDs through doors is no longer possible
  • “Map teleport” exploit has been fixed
  • Fixed an exploit where melee weapons could take on the behavior of other items

Bugs Fixed

  • Character Portraits now match their in-game character
  • General latency reduced; mostly UI / interactions taking multiple attempts, including:
  • Containers not transferring loot consistently
  • Door codes not entering/changing consistently
  • Discovering taking multiple attempts
  • Bows not reloading properly (causing them to never shoot) has been fixed
  • Door misalignment has been addressed
  • IEDS and Biofuel should now inflict proper damage next to structures
  • Explosive Arrows now should no longer damage players through building walls
  • Most structures now should be place-able inside shelters (workbenches, bee boxes, etc.)
  • Experimental Weapon Zombies should now respawn as expected
  • Medical stations should work as expected now
  • Bullets traveling through players occupying the same space – should be fixed
  • Bandages can be equipped in the flashlight slot but do nothing – should be fixed
  • Silent Zombies bug has been fixed
  • Character names can now be reused after the character has been deleted
  • Fixed an issue with free placing objects on base foundations (IEDs, etc)
  • Jittery camera issues have been fixed

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