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Game Update December 13th

All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 1:00 AM PT (9:00 AM UTC) for a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours.



Update Notes:




  • Fixed a crash to desktop error impacting players.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to crash other players with arrows. ot it this time.

Base updates:

  • Base Ejection is now instaneous and should improve server performance
  • The gap between metal gates and surrounding items should now be closed, so you can't place something between this gap while raiding

Inventory and Items:

  • Grenades are now equippable to the second weapon slot (default key: 3).
  • All items (weapons, clothing, etc) no longer auto-skin, and you must skin all items manually. This will not revert previously skinned items.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a partial stack destroyed the whole stack (ie, if you pick up 20 wood from a 100x wood plank drop, the other 80 would vanish)
  • Player now spawns with improvised compass, a worse compass than available in the world. Pick up a compass when you see it!
  • Fixed an issue where some dropped items would not expire over time.
  • Changed spawning system to be more lenient when spawning items in highly travelled areas.

Loot Balance

  • Tactical Flashlights removed completely from spawns. Don't drop yours!
  • Compass spawns decreased.
  • A large number of non-combat items were slightly reduced in quantity.
  • Backpacks and particularly Military Backpacks are more rare.
  • Ammunition balance adjustments - more good ammo, less R380 and 9mm. 

Server Capacity

  • Added "Full" population listing. Servers are now "Low" "Medium" "High" or "Full"

Key known issues:

  • We are aware of player reports of lag and the numerous issues related to that lag, and we continue to investigate both short term and long term improvements to performance. Some of the issues above should alleviate some server load. We continue to monitor server performance and investigate additional optimizations.
  • Colliding with moving cars inside player bases is lethal.
  • Interrupting a reload action by skinning/entering a car/etc can cause the UI to display an incorrect amount of bullets in the weapon, which does not correct itself until the weapon is fired, or swapped.
  • Hospital loot is not working as intended
  • Weapons may not appear on your back after death

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