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Plans for the Future

Hello fellow Survivors,

Mitch here. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the technical director for Just Survive and have been working on the game from the beginning. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, and we apologize for that. Thank you for being patient with us as we work through our plans for the game internally. I’m here now to provide you some visibility into our current and immediate plans for the game.

We are a small yet passionate team, and we are working hard to keep the zombies wandering the landscape. Right now, we are focused on making sure you continue to enjoy the game, so the majority of our resources are spent mostly on maintaining game stability, fixing game-breaking bugs, and improving anti-cheat methods.

We have a patch planned for mid-June that includes the following:

  • Reducing the material needed to create explosives, and eliminated composites from the required materials.
  • Reducing the material needed to build base components.
  • Removing automatic server construction caps based on server memory use.
  • Adding slight movement penalty after crouching, quickly ramping back to full speed.
  • Adding several more anti-cheat categories/trackers.
  • Fixing securable area issue associated with low-speed projectiles (arrows, bolts, etc.) that were killing people just after they closed the door (and reported the last player to damage them as the killer).
  • Improving default shadow settings for better performance.
  • Fixing an issue that could result in loss of items from storage containers.
  • Fixing several memory leaks on the server.
  • Eliminating the ability to purchase Crates. All Crates will be free, and will be created via a simple recipe. Collecting the appropriate in-game components and performing the recipe will result in a random set of three unlocked Crates.

We remain incredibly grateful for your continued support for Just Survive. Until next time, see you in-game!

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