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New Designer Joins the Team

We are excited to welcome Quentin “Q-Train” Cobb to the Just Survive team! With more than 8 years in the gaming industry, Quentin brings a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives to the team. Read on to learn more about Quentin, and be sure to follow him on Twitter at @QTrainCobb and say hi!

My name is Quentin Cobb and I’m a new Senior Game Designer on Just Survive. I specialize in combat design which includes everything from weapons to enemy NPCs to level design with a large helping of tuning and balance. I’ve worked for the past 7 years at Naughty Dog primarily as a multiplayer designer but also contributed heavily to single player design as well. I’m also primarily a multiplayer gamer and I love a good competitive multiplayer shooter. Some of my favorite recent multiplayer games are Paragon, Titanfall 2, For Honor and Destiny (I’m hyped for Destiny 2!).

I started in the industry back in 2009 as a QA Tester on Wolfenstein and CoD: MW2 for Activision. I then got hired at Naughty Dog as a tester and worked on Uncharted 2 multiplayer DLC. From there I led a small group of testers and handled all the Coop testing for Uncharted 3. Shortly after that I was moved up to design and got a chance to work on the single player and multiplayer of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. The last big thing project I got to work on was the Coop mode for Uncharted 4. I got to design some pretty epic pirate bosses that really added a unique twist to the common horde mode formula.

I really believe that multiplayer games are all about teamwork and working with friends to overcome great challenges. While I’m just getting up to speed on Just Survive, I’m truly excited for the great potential this game has. I’ll be focusing on zombie and weapon design for now and jumping onto new features for future updates!

-Quentin “Q-Train” Cobb



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