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New Survivor Collection Available!

A new Crate system has just made its way to Just Survive with our most recent game update! With this new system, you will notice our entire Crate offering is now consolidated into two distinct options.

Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase the most recently released Crate as before (currently the Outlands Crate), but all other available items can now be found in the Survivor Collection. What this means is that the vast majority of items from every previous Crate are in just one place! 

That’s not all - if you're looking for value, we’ve dropped the price on our most recently released Crate to 200 DGC, and the Survivor Collection will be available for 100 DGC. The most recently released Crate will provide one item for each Crate, but the Survivor Collection will grant two!

Here are a few of those classic items you may want to grab:

  Gorilla Warfare Helmet  

  Red Bone Helmet  

Toxic Body Armor

Gorilla Warfare Full Helmet Red Bone Full Helmet Toxic Body Armor

Do you have locked Crates in your inventory? Now is the time to crack them open, because we’ve lowered the unlock cost to just 50 DBC!

Head to the Marketplace to take advantage of these new prices and Crates!

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