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Test Server Update - Nov 7th

Greetings Survivors!

This patch is just the first patch planned for this week. Late this week we are looking to bring Badwater Canyon to Test - some servers will run Z1 and some will run Badwater Canyon, giving you the choice of maps. This update contains a number of improvements and fixes, as well as some critical anti-cheat updates and exploit fixes.

We request that you do not publicly post any exploitable bugs not reported fixed here. Send them to us privately (either via PM on reddit, PM on discord, or as a private ticket on Publicizing exploits doesn't help us fix them quicker than reporting them privately, but it does ensure widespread abuse and makes it harder to punish those who abuse these exploits.

  • Rebalanced Door Locks - doors are now much easier to destroy

  • Added firefighter outfits and firefighter zombies near the fire station

  • Improved NPC pathing and optimization

  • Fixed an issue where knocked down zombies would continue to pursue the player

  • Fixed an issue where zombies could get stuck and not pursue the player

  • Rebalanced hitpoints and damage for Gasser, Exploder, and Banshee alpha zombies

  • Fixed an issue where Gasser and Exploder zombies would not gas/explode correctly on death

  • Base locations for bases you own or have permission on appear on the map

  • Fixed an issue where the respawn map could become unresponsive

  • Removed raid history (deprecated feature) from the Stronghold tab

  • For Streamers - streamer settings now hides kill broadcast / death screen names

  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow wouldn't show correctly in player's hands

  • Fixed a server crash related to NPC navigation

  • Hammer renamed to Demolition Hammer

  • Fixed an issue that caused pure white halos and pure black silhouettes with certain graphics settings

  • Fixed an issue where a deleted player's base would persist in the world without being able to be claimed. Abandoned bases can be claimed by players who discover them and taken as their own.

  • Fixed numerous level geometry bugs

  • Fixed an issue where "Share my server" could not be checked/unchecked

  • Free place objects cannot be placed on/near other player's base foundations without being added to permission

  • On PVE servers, storage built on foundations cannot be accessed by those without permissions ("PVE Raiding")

  • Disabled the /stuck command due to various exploits

  • Fixed an exploit where a builder could prevent placement of enemy explosives by attempting to build

  • Fixed an exploit where players could acquire infinite honeycomb

  • Fixed an exploit where stashes could be hidden under base foundations

  • Fixed an exploit where players could use torches to climb enemy bases

  • Fixed an exploit where players could gain entry to bases via tables

  • NOTE - there are known exploits that we are fixing not included in this list. Don't post how to perform them or ask about them publicly! Use the private methods listed above if you are curious about them or believe you have a new exploit to report

  • Anti-cheat detection, logging, and prevention updates

These issues were fixed with this most recent patch (listed as known issues in the 11/6 update)

  • In PVE, Players who own a base cannot access their storage built on the base. Players with permissions to that base can access the storage on that base
  • Some servers are experiencing some extreme stability issues


Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

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