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Server Stability and Duplication

Hello Survivors!

We have just published some major stability and server performance improvements to Just Survive Test.

We will be monitoring the test servers for stability and would encourage players to take the time to explore the update, and even attempt to duplicate items this weekend so that we can observe and make adjustments as necessary. During this time, we will also be testing selective wipes on Just Survive Test.

If Test proves to be stable and our fixes are confirmed, we will publish these changes to Just Survive live servers during the Weekly Maintenance on March 13th, and will be wiping select Live servers.

Unfortunately, widespread exploitation of base component duplication bug has lead to a number of high population servers performing poorly.  With a higher level of components on a server than the expected maximum, erratic behavior can occur and lead to further instabilities. While this update includes fixes for the above exploits, as well as significant optimizations, these updates will not retroactively solve the duping problem, and thus we will need to wipe problematic servers during the March 13th server maintenance.

There are some servers that will definitely be wiped (Atrocity and Abacus have both had numerous player complaints and bans were given to egregious exploiters), we will not be finalizing the final Live server wipe list for the March 13th update until the time of the wipe.  We believe this course of action will minimize the number of servers we need to wipe. If we announced a short list of servers now, the people who have sought to cheat will move to other servers and render them unusable as well.  We expect these wipes to be targeted to historically high population, PVP servers.

A full wipe of all servers is not planned at this time, and we expect our next full server wipe to coincide with our next major Live update (which will come to Test in the following weeks).

At this time, Just Survive Test has been unlocked.  Just Survive Test Server 18 has been selectively wiped.

Thank you for your patience!


Here is the list of Live Servers that will be wiped during the Live Server Maintenance today, March 13th:

EU Servers:

  • Abacus
  • Babadook
  • Opression
  • Tartan
  • Zealotry

NA Servers:

  • Atrocity
  • Abducens
  • Chalk Outline
  • Opfor
  • Tartarus
  • Zephyr

All AU and APAC Servers will remain as they were without a wipe.

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